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Apex Innovative Sciences provides high-quality clinical trial conduct for a wide range of Phase I-IV studies as well as high-level strategic consulting services with emphasis on protocol development and program planning. With unique capabilities to accelerate early development, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge clinical development solutions with the expeditiousness required to provide optimal value to clients.

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Apex Trial Site Organizations

Apex was formed through the merger of Collaborative Neuroscience Research (CNS) and Hassman Research Institute (HRI), leading trial site organizations based in Southern California and New Jersey, respectively. CNS and HRI have harmonized procedures and technology across sites, enabling efficient and synergistic two-site solutions with rapid enrollment.

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Turnkey Biomarker Solutions

Apex sites offer turnkey solutions for neuroimaging data acquisition and analysis as well as EEG/ERP-related endpoint selection, collection, and analysis. Our scientific leaders ensure that our facilities for imaging and electrophysiology operate with the world-class scientific rigor expected from academic institutions while working at the speed of business.

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Thought leaders in complex
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Apex By The Numbers

Apex’s trial site organizations, CNS and HRI, have:

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